- Please booking before the departure time 24 hours.
- Unlimited passengers in the group booking.
- Please make payment within 24 hours after booking, if no payment is made within the specified time, the reservation will be canceled immediately.

1.Select round trip or one way trip.
2.Select depart from and go to.
3.Select depart date and return date.
4.Select depart time and return time.
5.Enter seat amount for Adult.
6.6.Enter seat amount for child or infant.
7.Press the search button.
1.Select class for depart trip.
2.Select class for return trip.
3.Press the continue button.
1.Enter your email.
2.Enter your password.
3.Press the login button for login.
4.Press the forgot password button for forgot password.
5.Press the register button for register.
1.Enter your profile at input number 1 - 6.
2.Press the save button for register and login.
3.Press the cancel button for cancel.
1.Select your sex.
2.Enter your name.
3.Enter your surname or family name.
4.Enter your id passport or id card number.
5.Enter your telephone number.
6.Select your nationality.
7.Press the continue button.
8.Check the For Member Crad checkbox for have the Member Crad.
9.Enter your ID member crad.
10.Press the check member ID button for check member ID to get a discount.
11.Press the Team & Condition buttom for read team and condition.
12.Check the Accept Team & Condition checkbox for accept team and condition.
13.Press the continue button.
1.Code your order.
2.Depart data.
3.Return data.
4.Booking Summary your order.
5.Press the tranfers tab for payment by transfer.
6.Press the credit tab for payment by credit card.

If your pay by tranfers.

7.Select tranfers bank.
8.Select tranfers date.
9.Select tranfers time.
10.Tranfers amount.
11.Enter note for you.
12.choose file your tranfers.
13.Press the confirm buttom for confirm your payment.

If your pay by credit card.

1.Press the Pay Now buttom for confirm your payment by credid card.
2.From BBL Payment Gatewat.
1.Status inspection order.
2.Action buttom for view detail order.
3.My Orders buttom.
4.Account buttom for edit profile and change password.
5.Logout buttom.
6.Booking Online buttom for your new order.
1.Print buttom is print your reservation and bring to show when you check-in on the day departure for get the ticket .