TERMS & CONDITIONS For Ferry pattaya-huahin

Rules and regulations

1. Photo I.D (Thai citizen) or valid passport is compulsory as the ferry travel across internal territorial waters (No driving License is allowed)
2. Royal Passenger Liners has the right not to issue the ticket to the customers who travel without proper I.D (Thai citizen) or valid passport.
3. Check in available at the pier 1 hours before departure time.
4. Online reservation system is closed 1 hours before departure time.
5. Excessive baggage is subjected to additional fee. (3rd bag is chargeable at Baht 300 per bag).
6. Ticket cannot be postponed to other date and time.
7. Customers who has chronic disease, please inform the ferry officer.
8. Ferry allows pregnant woman who has gestational age of less than 20 weeks (Guest need to sign document for pregnant traveler) For safety precaution, those who has gestational age more than 28 weeks, is not allowed to travel by ferry.
9. Disables or physically challenged customer must be accompanied by companion.
10. For lost and found item, please contact ferry officer at the office at the pier.
11. No pet is allowed. If needed, pet can travel by using baggage compartment under the passenger cabin. Ticket can be purchased at a normal price. However, ferry held no responsible for injury, death of animals or any health issue that may be affected by cruising.
12. Cancellation and refunds
• Ticket can be refunded in the event that the ferry cannot operate due to mechanical problem.
• Full refunded will be granted with is 15 days from the day that the ferry fail to operate.
• Customer must have the name on the ticket and submit a valid ID and reservation number to the ferry officer.


– No smoking on the ferry. 2000 baht fine for violation.
– No alcohol during the trip. Violators will be fined 2000 baht.
– No outside food or drink is allowed. Prohibited items will be forfeited or violators will be fined 500 Baht.
– No gun, drug or illegal item is allowed on the ferry.
- First and business class ticket for infant must be purchased additionally at office

- If the traveling passenger is not the credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card owner, please see the Regulations.

- The electronic ticket will be issued after payment by payment card is approved. Departure confirmation and an itinerary receipt containing the ticket number will be sent to your e-mail address. SMS will be also sent to your mobile phone if registered in Thailand.

- Your electronic ticket is not transferable

- Itinerary receipts should be printed and presented at check-in

*** Company reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice ***