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Origin of the Business
          Mr. Preecha Tantipura is the founder of Royal Passenger Liner Company Limited. Moreover, this company is located at 374, Mu.5 , Naklua Sub-District , Banglamung District in Chonburi province. On the same way, it is in the business type as the ship transportation service.

The Concept Idea to Found This Company
          This company has realized that this is the project to make convenience for the people’s travelling and reduce the density of traffics as well as being the new dimension of the tourism route development. Thus, it expects that it is beneficial to expand the business opportunity of travelling and other businesses in the same network.
          Therefore, it can connect the east coast to the west coast as well as increasing the choice to travelling for the commuters and increase the capacity to compete with the countries in ASEAN Community. 

The Brief Business Management of the Company and the Way to Increase the Passenger’s Numbers
          According to the opening of the new dimension for travelling, it can support the tourism business inside and outside the country with the basic infrastructure development. Then, this company has focused on the business management with creating the good Ideology to increase the navigation route across the Gulf of Thailand in serious way. On the contrary, in many years ago it was known with the old news that it can’t increase for the navigation route across the Gulf of Thailand. However, in this time this company has run the business with the good ideology to make this project be serviced by people in the good way. As the result, the company has hoped much to gain the good response with the more interests from the people and the tourists to use the service as well as the good supporting in this project to remain with us for a long times.


ferry pattya huahin

The Royal which is a government-certified high-speed catamaran that meets world-class standards. The Royal ferry is a 

high speed catamaran with a seating capacity for more than 300 passengers. It has Economy Class, Business Class and VIP 

rooms. The Royal ferry also contains an exterior deck, snack bar and restrooms. You may sit back, relax and enjoy full staff 

service while viewing our onboard.

The New Route to travel across the Gulf of Thailand on a high-speed catamaran ferry. At 116 kilometers from the east 

shore to the west shore, starting from the Balihai Cape, Pattaya in Chonburi heading to Khao Takiab, Hua Hin in 


ferry pattya huahinferry pattya huahin

This 2-hour high-speed cruise is impressive when compared to driving which is 380 kilometers in distance and takes 

about 5-6 hours. This truly is a new chapter in our transportation industry.


ferry pattya huahin

We have installed rigorous safety system as well as installation of equipment in the apperdix.We get certified for safety 

standards from marine department and Government Sector and have professional personal who trained in the international 

curriculum for service in considerate important of the safety of life and security passengers.


We have a professional service team. Providing a warm welcome and gracious service with touches of Royal Ferry, 

We serve soft beverage all of the journey for everyone impression because. Our customers are the best important.

Royal Passenger Liner CO., LTD.
374 Moo.5 T.Naklua A.Bang-lamung Chonburi 20150

Tel : 038-488-999, 098-625-9949
Fax : 038-488-994
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